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Sports Team Composites have been a big hit over the past 4 years. What started out as a project to help a friend out at the local footy club has become one of my passions. Ive taken all of my years of photography experience with studio lighting ,I mixed it with the ability to connect on a personal level with each player to get a fantastic shot that captures their personality in each photo. No more bad photos of your child. Everyone looks like a superstar. The time that it takes for me to capture this each player works out to be faster than lining each player up on seating , benches and then try to get that one perfect shot with everyone looking just right. I have been working on my system for 4+years now and we have down to fine art form. If you are sick of those boring old school team photos give me a call for a chat. I can answer any questions that you may have and talk about our pricing etc.  

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